Southern Association Baseball

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Southern League (1899)
Southern Association (1901–1907, 1959-1961)


Tigers (1899)
Giants (1901, 1903)
Pirates (1902, 1904-1907)
Sports (1959-1961)

Brief History

Shreveport played a single season in the Southern League in 1899 and was part of the Southern Association from 1901 through 1907 and again from 1959 through 1961.

Professional baseball first appeared in Shreveport in 1895 when the city fielded a team in the Texas-Southern League. However, Shreveport has long been a member of the Texas League (1908–1910, 1915–1932, 1938–1942, 1946–1957, and from 1968 to the present). They were also part of the Dixie League (1933), the East Dixie League (1934), and the West Dixie League (1935).