Southern Association Baseball

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Southern League (1885–1886, 1892–1894)
Southern Association (1961)


Central City (1892–1893)
Hornets (1894)
Peaches (1961)

Brief History

An original member of the Southern League for two seasons (1885–1886) and again from 1892 through 1894 as the fledgling league struggled to gain a foothold, Macon played only a single season in the Southern Association (1961).

That doesn’t mean that there was no baseball in Macon during the intervening years. The city was represented in the South Atlantic League (1904–1917, 1923–1930, 1936–1942, 1946–1960, 1962–1963, 1980–1987, and 1991 to present), the Southeastern League (1932), and the Southern League (1964, 1966–1967).